Acaju Vegan Cashew Yogurt

About Us

Acajú is a vegan, dairy free fruit on the bottom style yogurt made with cashews. It is thick, creamy, and nutritious. We currently have 5 flavors: Plain, Mango Cardamom, Piña Colada, Apple Pie, and Raspberry Chocolate. Each Acajú recipe has been carefully created to complement the rich taste of cashews. These gently flavored yogurts can be enjoyed as a snack, with a meal,  or even as a healthy dessert.


Lassis were added to Acajú's menu recently. Lassis are popular traditional yogurt-based drinks from India. It is a blend of yogurt, spices and sometimes fruit. Our lassis are prepared with Plain Acajú. We currently have two flavors: Mango Lassi and Strawberry Peach Lassi.